Friday, March 9, 2012


Where to start.  Those who have known me for a long time know I started sewing as a young child.  For my first act in college I double majored in Technical Journalism and Apparel Design (a true gemini I always seem to have very distinct interests).  I started as a western wear designer in Cheyenne and Denver in the early years.  At 26 I moved to New York and after a good stretch waiting tables I was hired by Federated Department Stores (Macy's).  I began as a jr. knit and sweater designer, and three years later I was the head designer of Style & CO, one of Federated largest private labels.  I worked tremendous hours like most young NYC folks do - but I was traveling the world and it all seemed worth it until...9/11.

I'll spare you the details - if you knew me then we've been over it too much - but it profoundly changed me.  I couldn't stop thinking that I worked about a 60 hours a week and all I did was make shirts.  I wanted something different, experiencing something like that makes what matters crystal clear - I wanted a family - I wanted to slow down (you can take the girl out of Colorado...).  I left Federated and just for fun I decided to pursue another design degree - this one inspired by the architectural obsession I found in my travels - an Interior Design Degree from the New York School of interior Design.  During  that time life was crazy - 1 yummy husband and 2 perfect children later and I finally found my way back home to Colorado.

When it was time to go back to work I wanted to do something more - in a different way.  After a brief stint with my own Interior Design Business - I won a teaching fellowship through the prestigious New Teacher Project (back to college again yikes!).  Now I am a very happy Special Education Teacher for the Douglas County Public Schools.  I love that work, it makes me proud and I feel that I have a lot to give my students right now.  So that brings me to about the last year.  My creative side was getting restless - and the fairies started calling...

Over the last year I began to make and sell miniature gardens - otherwise known as fairy gardens.  It seems it is the perfect way to use all of those creative talents - in my studio - time stands still and it all comes alive!  I get to paint, sew, garden, shop, and make tiny creations.  This year I am going to fill a lot of my time creating and selling my little gardens.

I am inspired by SO much.  This blog is intended to share the journey...

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